Where Does Santa Claus Live?

Have You Always Wondered Where Does Santa Claus Live?

It was Christmas Eve and all the families in the neighborhood got together for a holiday party. There were wonderful festivities and games for everyone to enjoy. As the night started to draw to an end, all the children gathered around the Christmas tree to listen to play one of their favorite holiday games of the year. It was called “Where does Santa Claus live”.

All the children got in a line and were waiting their turn to play. “Ok children, here is how the game works: I will ask you where Santa Claus lives and you get to share with everyone where Santa Claus lives. Don’t forget to use your imagination!” Mr. Anderson said. “I want to go first!” begged little Stacy. “Alright Stacy” said Mr. Anderson, “Where does Santa Claus live?”

“Santa Claus lives in the pyramids of Egypt! The pyramids are his factories and that is why no one is allowed to go into the pyramids! He moved to Egypt because all of our toys got frozen at the North Pole and in Egypt they don’t freeze!” said Stacy with a huge grin.

“Very creative Stacy!” said Mr. Anderson, “Ben would you like to go next?” Ben nodded his head. “Where does Santa Claus live?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“Santa Claus lives in a massive underwater submarine out in the middle of the ocean. He only comes out once a year because that is the only time that he comes to the surface” said Ben.

Where Does Santa Claus Live

“Interesting thoughts Ben!” said Mr. Anderson. “Where do you think Santa Claus lives Mr. Anderson?” asked Molly. “You know want to know where I think Santa Claus lives?” asked Mr. Anderson with a surprise. “Alright I will tell you”.

“Santa Claus lives in the clouds, floating from door to door. It is how he is able to move around so quickly and keep track of everyone so easily. If you ever see the clouds floating by, make sure you are good because that is where Santa Claus lives” said Mr. Anderson to the children.

All the children laughed and the game continued down the line. The children told stories about how Santa lived in the Amazon Forest using the trees to hide. Santa Claus then lived in the African plains using cheetahs to deliver presents as they ran swiftly through the fields. Once everyone had a turn sharing their thought, Mr. Anderson told the children where Santa truly lives.

“Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and has been there for as long as anyone can remember. His beard is white to be alike all the snow that surrounds him. His red suit resembles all of the candy canes and delicious treats that are scattered throughout the land. Santa lives in the North Pole so no one disturbs him during the year when he prepares the presents for the good girls and boys all over the world” said Mr. Anderson “That is where Santa Claus lives”. After Mr. Anderson finished his story, everyone went home excited that Santa was on his way from the North Pole to visit them.